Embark on the holidays

Courses Schedule

  • Beginners: 9.15am/11.45am
  • Intermediate: 1pm/3.30pm
  • Improvement: 3.45pm/6.15pm

Sea garden and moussaillon 4/5 years

To acquire the sea foot safety with a playful and progressive approach, your future budding pirates become familiar with navigation on board an optimist equipped with a small sail ; these « moussaillons »refine their motor coordination through balance games and discover the orientation of the wind. Plan a snack for each session.

Stage optimist sailor 6/9 years

Accompanied by a sailor, your future captain makes the first sailing experiences with a large sail hoisted at the head of the mast. Then, alone on board,at his own pace, in the form of games, he discovers the sensations for compensating the list and refines these settings.

Stage New Cat 10.5 8/12 years

With its full sail, this mini catamaran for the youngest offers driving stability for maximum speed in complete safety. Your sailors take full advantage of this speed of travel in order to animate their future navigational stories.

Stage Dinghy Topaz 8/14 years

At the sligthest breath of wind, this monohull transforms you into a balancer to discover sensations « to the schedule » never tried. More sporty and technical, from the first contact, this dinghy gives in exchange, joy of sliding and precision of settings. List, Counter-list.

Stage Catamaran Dragoon and Topaz 10/14 years

The joys of speed, the scrolling of the wake, when the boat goes « sliding ».
A hull that lifts, no longer touching the water. Magical moment ! The catamaran is first of all the pleasure of instant and easy accelerations but also that of leading your boat well in small weather or in the breeze, to refine its maneuvers,tacking, gybe and sail settings.

Stage Dinghy Windsurfing course kid 8/12 years

It’s so exhilarating to glide on the water at full speed in windsurfing. Just get started. With »new generation » equipment finished repeated bathing and back pain at the end of the session ! The boards are wide, voluminous, easy to maneuver and rigging (sail, mast..) extra light. They also allow you to quickly gain acceleration, up to the funboard of weel-controlled paces and planning.

Catamaran Nacra and Hobie cat 14 year – old internship

The joys of speed, the scrolling of the wake when this multihull goes « slip ». A float that lifts, no longer touching the water. Magical moment !
The catamaran